Yes that is not just a catchy subject line.
WhyDoWork gets about 1,000 new members a month (a little slower lately because our redesign has had some impacts on pages indexed) but its been fairly consistent to a point where were at around 27,000 members.

During peak times of the year, subscribers are at around 50 new members a day.

Quite a ways back in the infancy of we were using a basic webstats application that told us little else other than the number of users per day visiting the site. Once we upgraded to Google Analytics, we were able to literally double our daily subscribers overnight by looking at one factor:


If you already have Google Analytics, you’ll see it after you click the “Content” menu. Then click “Top Content”. You should see something like this (click to view larger):

mostly the best ever, mostly.

In the image above from right to left, we’re taking a look at a months worth of stats, what the top content for the month was, how long users spent on each page, the bounce rate, the exit rate, and the cleverly blurred out $ index of our goals.I’ve highlighted in pink the key areas to look at:
- What is your sites average Exit %?
- Out of your top content, which are the few that stand out as high exit points in the (% Exit column)?

The last step is to take action.

In our case, we strategically placed content inviting users to sign up, or register free prior to viewing in order to take advantage of high traffic but poor site stickiness.

On the days following the implementation of this idea, avg. daily subscribers rose from around 20 to over 40.

Give it a try. I’m fairly new to blogging and usually hesitant to give away secrets of the site, but this is too beneficial to be kept a secret :D

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