Last week we kicked off our Karma Kontest on the Buzz page with much fan-fare (and an extremely successful twitter early bird draw). We had thousands of entries for the early bird draw and quite a bit of stiff competition for the larger prizes offered on the site.

The winners of the prizes were:


Since both Matthew (me) and cho (Joe) are admins at the site, we couldn’t win, so the prize distributions went like this:

  • 8GB Apple iPod touch: Trent Brownrigg +25 (total:+42)
  • $100 gift certificate at WayneW +16 (total:+39)
  • $75 gift certificate at photomom04 +10 (total:+48)
  • $50 gift certificate at Zacman +8 (total:+23)
  • $25 gift certificate at LA Grouch +6 (total:+10)

Congrats goes out to all the winners. As admins, we did set up a little contest with the loser having to take a swim (on video of course) in Lake Ontario next weekend. Luckily I came out on top beating Joe by just +1, so I’ll be holding the camera while Joe takes the plunge. Current water temperatures in Toronto are hovering around 50F, so hopefully it keeps cooling down this week! :P

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