The ShoeMoney system is a program that:

…walks you through step by step on how to make money on the internet. But it’s much different than anything anyone has ever seen. Instead of talking about theories on how to make money we actually do it, step by step. I hired a co-host who not only was not an internet marketing expert….but had no clue what Facebook or twitter was. She is an aspiring pop singer and model and I completely show her (and you) step by step how everything works.

Programs like this can be a great thing if you’re just starting out, and learn best through video or traditional learning. Personally, I’ve always found I can learn whatever  I want for free by using an age old system I like to call “asking for help.”

There are a ton of forums stocked with helpful people who can answer any question you might have; traffic strategies, web design, affiliate marketing, blogging, working at home, the list goes on and on. is a good place to start.

What bugs me about this program is the cost. After visiting you’re presented with the screen below. Note that although the system is sold out, you can still enter with the “secret code” pictured below, or any other text you like:

Click “Let me in” and you get a look at your first bill. In Canada, it’s $215.38CAD, and $215.38 every month after that. Stay in the program 12 months and you’re out almost $2,600. There is a 90 day money back guarantee, but all great affiliate marketers know that only a small % of the group will actually take advantage of it.

Here are some reviews from John Chow’s blog:

I really hope it picks up the pace soon. I am more at an intermediate level and learning to make a Google account doesn’t really help me out. – Justin @ Informant Zone!

Yeah I somehow felt that Shoe was going to sell more than 500. Its a little misleading when you’re telling people that there are only 500 and they you release another 1000+ more. If it’s not that exclusive, it should be a lot cheaper. – Chester

Been inside and for $197/mth how to set up a google account and click bank account is abit of an insult… there are not over 100 videos at all. Try 2 videos, the same 2 that were available while promoting the upcoming launch. Now there is maybe 5-6 videos. No coupons yet for facebook, PPC etc.. All the old webmaster FM podcasts you want though if you wanna dig into those 4 year old gems. Shoe should have just kept doing what he does best, blog and run his company….This is far from what most of you would expect going in. A 9 minute video on clickbank sign up? come on.. He says he has been making videos for a full year??
Let’s see them…. not one you made last night. I sent 2 messages to support voicing some concern on “light content”
Response? Nothing. –

The above are far from glowing. Keep in mind I wouldn’t give anyone $197 US a month to watch videos on how to make money online, so this post is all opinion. The program does promise almost $2,500 in free advertising credits, but I haven’t found anything outlining what that is, and this review points out that it was only for the first 500 sign-ups, so if you join now you’re probably not going to get it.

My Verdict:

Save your money and join the widly successful (and extremely free) :

Ask for Help System.

You’ll get interactive responses and guidance on your specific questions, and you won’t be out $200/month :)

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