I sometimes get asked about managing one’s career. Today I came across a blog post that has many of the same ideas and advice I pass on to others. While I don’t agree with everything on the list, there are a particular few I think are vital:

  • If you aren’t being challenged in your job – leave.
  • If you think you are successful – leave and find something or somewhere where you aren’t. When you become successful again – leave again.
  • If your work is winning awards and it feels like you win most pitches – leave and go somewhere where no one has won anything and there is a low rate of success at pitches. Help them turn it around.

Now you might be saying, “but Matt I have kids to feed and billz to pay! I can’t just quit my job!” The word ‘leave’ doesn’t necessarily mean quit. If you’ve mastered the role you’re working in, it’s a good time to think about moving laterally within the same company, taking on more responsibility, or transferring to another department.

The #1 lesson here is do not get lazy. If you’re not pushing yourself at work, you’re not growing your career.

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