Just yesterday I bought a very small but very old website (> 8 years) in the ‘work at home’ niche called SeekFreelance It’s currently not making a whole lot of money (best month ever was $30 via AdSense), and it has very few pages indexed in search engines.

I’m going to show you exactly what I do to improve the site . This is what it currently looks like:


Given it’s day 1 and I don’t have much time, all I’ve done so far is swapped in my AdSense code. Woo-hoo I got 1 click already :) . The immediate and glaring issues I see with this site already are the header size (it’s taking up all of the ‘above-the-fold’ space, and the content (it’s pretty crappy). That’s probably where I’ll start.

Stay tuned :)

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