I had about half an hour of time tonight so I picked up where I left off. As you may recall I bought an old freelance blog and I’m going to show you what I do to improve the site.

Here’s what I changed today:

  • Changed the theme to Desk . The problem I had with the old theme pictured here, is that the header was far too large, taking up valuable ad real estate, and more importantly not adding much value to the site. This new theme is a lot cleaner, fun, and minimizes waste on the users screen.
  • Optimized the blog title and headers: Not rocket science but I changed the tag line and optimized some of the header text. Inspiration for the text came from looking at search trends using Google Insights for Search
  • Added AdSense code: The site was always making money through AdSense, I just added it to a few different spots. No fancy plugin used here, I just edited a few files where I wanted the ads to appear.
  • Added the WhyDoWork Freelance Job Search Widget: Also pretty easy to do, I copied the code from here and put it on its own page.
  • Added top menu items: The “Desk” template I chose had a menu, so I added a few key items: Home, Advice (which is the WordPress category where I’ll publish all the blog posts, a simple contact form, and the job search tool I created in the previous item.
  • Installed some key plugins/tools: There’s a few plugins I always install. The first is a sitemap so search engines know about our content, I like the better wordpress google sitemap. Next I installed the fast secure contact form. It’s easy to use and configure. I also installed Google Analytics and turned on WordPress Stats just in case.

That’s it for today! Not bad for half an hour :)

Here’s what it looks like now:

Stay tuned for updates. Many more changes to make!

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