This contest is over. Check out the lucky winner here!
The last contest I ran (for an iPod Nano) was wildly successful with 244 entries in total. One particular sweet thing about the contests we run at WhyDoWork are that we’re extremely thorough in making sure the winner is selected randomly, and we always opt to choose cool prizes. This time I thought we’d double the stakes and give away two 20 inch widescreen monitors, thus making the contest massive.

We’ll be giving away two monitors similar to this*:
widescreen monitor

Contest Details

There are a few ways to gain entry ballots for this contest, most of them require you signing up to WhyDoWork (free):

Widescreen Monitor Number 1

  • write a post in your personal WhyDoWork blog (on your ‘My Page’) and get 1 ballot
  • write about our new social networking features on your external blog (information here) and get 5 ballots
  • subscribe to this feed via email (here) and get 3 ballots

Widescreen Monitor Number 2

This contest is geared towards those with web design skills:

  • personalize the design of your ‘My Page’ (here’s mine) with your HTML/CSS skills and we’ll be picking the top 10. We’ll narrow that down to the top one with our community’s input here.

To let me know you’ve done any of the above, please post a link in the comments of this post. Good luck to everyone! We’ll be having the draw in approximately a month’s time. So get blogging and start working on your personal page.

As a third prize, I’ll be giving away a free review in the WhyDoWork Blog ($200 value).

Good luck everyone! :)

The contest ends March 31, 2008 at 7 pm-ish EST

* – Since we haven’t bought the monitors yet I should advise that monitor may not be exactly as shown as it could perhaps be even more awesome than pictured.

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