Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

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Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby dedavis on Fri Jul 08, 2005 10:23 am


I found this company that claim you can work from home assembling their jewelry. I checked them out with BBB and they have no complaints. They are also a member of the BBB.

Quote from site:
"WE WILL PAY YOU $350.00 for one full set (50 pairs) or $175.00 for one half set (25pairs) made according to our instructions. PLUS, we will pay you $3.00 for your shipping. This means that on your investment of $66.00 for supplies, you can make a PROFIT of $284.00 on 1 set (50 pairs of earrings) or a profit of $142.00 on a half set (25 pairs of earrings) for your investment of $33.00 for supplies. "

To start you have to pay for the Training Kit $33.97. Your supposed to turn your 5 set that you make back to the company with your first complete 1/2 set or whole set and get your money returned. Then once you are trained you have to buy the supplies which is stated above.

If no one here has tried it, I think I may just to see if it works.
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re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby beba on Thu Jul 28, 2005 11:49 am

I recently found the site and am considering trying it myself. Have you yet?
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re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby Marc Meole on Thu Jul 28, 2005 12:12 pm

Most home assembling jobs are a ripoff. The only one I have seen that comes close to being honest is the one were you make the crosses.

Also being a member of the BBB means you just paid them a fee.
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Marc Meole
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re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby wahmommy on Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:26 pm

I wouldn't go with Artisan,I made the earrings 7 times and was perpect and still had them sent back,,,so I gave up with an empty pocket,there a scam...stay away from them

This is a better site

My niece has been payed 7 times with them,she is making the cute sheep

good luck
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re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby beaderman29 on Fri Nov 04, 2005 5:13 am

Do you have pictures of the earrings you made ?
If you do I'd like to see them
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re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby kathyf on Fri Nov 04, 2005 10:04 am

My daughter made the disciples crosses. I thought they were well done, but they rejected them.

Does this (New England Crafters) really, honestly pay you? How can I investigate this more?

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re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby mjd78 on Sat Jan 14, 2006 3:32 pm

I checked the link that someone posted about

It looks very interesting and exciting to make because the items are too cute. There are assemblers listed on the website. I emailed to them and wait for their response to see if they do accept a new member. You have to pay for a fee, but since someone here stated that her niece got paid seven times making items, therefore, that website must be honest.
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Re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby naomiwood87 on Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:38 am

I tried the Artisan Corporation as well, I felt scammed, I had a professional jewler, that makes earings simlar to the pattern given by Artisan Corporation take a look at my earing before sending them, they sent them back, each time, there was different things marked as wrong. One time I would get four things right and the next time, them four things I did right last time ere marked as wrong, I tried sending them in multiple times, each time paying for a stamp. Also, you do not get all of your supplies right away, you get enough to make your first five earings, and that is it, you will not get the rest till you submit them, and they pass. I paid for a kit, I got my information through the mail, on the form I got it gave me an option to order my first full set of materials, I did so, I then got my starter kit in the mail, with a typed notice literally on scrap paper saying I would not recieve the rest until I turned in my five and they have passed. Since my five did not pass, I was out the money for the material and did not even have the material to do other things with. I strongly suggest you not use them.
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Re: Artisan Corp: Has anyone tried this?

Postby directendeavor on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:01 am

Oh I Tried it alright. Artisan Corporation

The Artisan Experience

Firslty ,I will be astonished if i ever found someone who truly was able to completely assemble from scratch 1 pair of these earrings correctly and in less than 3 hours. We are talking about working with beeds 1/5 the size of a green pea to form an earring comprised of over 200 TINY beads, and feel not discouraged after 4 hours into the assemble of one earring that you find yourself hardly half way through if you come to discover that you made a very easy to make, mistake! I, my first day upon receiving this kit ventured to assemble one pair of these earrings with all the innocence and enthusiasm one could have as a beginner at a supposed work at home opportunity, only to be left 4 hours later perhaps one fifth into the assembly of one earring done incorrectly of a labor that also graciously offered up a delightful headache that annoyed me for about 3 days, that i attribute to the immense and constant focus ones eyes must undergo to see what it is they are doing. Day 2, Examining from a distance with a weak stare what I had done the day previous decided me that i was not going to dare try this again,

The Fairest Merchant Around

and be not doubtful about there excellent refund policy that is stated of them in some of these work at home directories if one can not help but to resign from this promising undertaking, because
if it is anything like my experience you shall most generously receive 60 % of the cost for your untouched, unopened supply kit returned and not a penny for your instruction kit only to then refund you a grand total of $22.00 for a $76.00 purchase, after you weigh the numbers, I am left to ask, for who is this excellent refund policy to favor?
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