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How to Earn ClickThru Cash

Surf the web by remote control. Surf sites in your favorite categories! Earn at least $0.01 for every site you visit. Plus, win up to $1,000 instantly for clicking a HotSpot!

Many advertisers are offering to pay you ClickThru Cash for clicking a link, answering a question, joining a program, and other simlar tasks.

Opt-in to receive an e-mail update and win between $0.05 and $1,000 as often as every day.

Rewards Membership
Join the ClickThru program and you get free ClickThru Cash, merchandise, and other benefits from all areas of our site.

Tell others about ClickThru and get up to 10% commisison on the ClickThru cash they earn and win. Also earn commissions on extended referrals.

Clickthru regularly gives away free ClickThru Cash and merchandise. The more you use, the better your chance of winning.

Bonus Buys
Get incredible deals on hot products, PLUS you get an instant 5% ClickThru Cash rebate on everything you buy.

Add a HotSpot to your website and you can generate unlimited free ClickThru Cash. You get a commission from everyone who wins by clicking on it AND your HotSpot also acts as your personal referral link for all non-ClickThru visitors.

If you ever win or earn merchandise that you don't want, sell it to someone else for ClickThru Cash. Or buy and resell anything on the directory for profit.

Earn 2 cents ClickThru Cash for every web site you moderate. Moderators make sure the content on clickthru is clean and appropriate.
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