Mela A Company With Integrity Good Standing With BBB

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Mela A Company With Integrity Good Standing With BBB

Postby enimary on Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:36 am


It seems as if (Be Careful) who wrote the original post, you may have spoken with someone, but didn't get all the details straight. First of all people we contact have requested more information either via an online survey or visiting a personal website. That requesting person is called by a team member to set an appointment to get all the details so YOU can make an educated and informed decision. They are normally asked WHY they are looking to work from home, what they are looking to make and how much time they would like to invest in building THEIR Business. Some of us go into further questioning, qualifying the prospective business builder or customer, so that we know right away if they want to take the next step, because we don't want to waste YOUR time or OURS.

With any company you are going to find someone who has no scruples and maybe you had one of those. When I worked for a major airline, we had a young man, entrusted with getting credit card information from passengers as we all had to do to book reservations, hotels etc. This young man decided to take it a little further and use another mans credit card information for his own purposes. If this did indeed happened to you, I am truly sorry, but our different teams are legitimate and I would say this hardly ever happens. I myself have a daughter I would love to be involved with my team and the company, but she is involved with a convicted felon and I would never put her in the position to ever be able to have personal information of anyone. One of my partners called a guy requesting information about working from home, and he explained he had just gotten out of jail. We didn't ask what he had done, just told him, this was not the business for him.

The steps are as follows:
(1) YOU request more information.
(2) We call you.
(3) We qualify you.
(4) YOU decide TO or NOT to get all details either through a conference call or one-on-one.
(5) YOU ask questions and get answers.
(6) Either you take the next step or you think about it. If you have to think it over as I did, you are sent an email with information so that you can confirm everything you heard and more. If you decide to take the next step right away, then
(7) YOU are asked for information to complete YOUR enrollment. No one is going to just sign you up, because only YOU can give out the details that are needed for the company, just like the information you would give to any company you would be employed with.
(8 ) You confirm that information either by fax on online.
(9) If you had to think it over of confer with someone else we follow-up with you in 24 hours. If your decision is made to join anyone of these wonderful teams, we start at step 7, if not we wish you well and ask your permission to continue to contact you on a monthly basis via email just to keep you updated on specials being offered. If you prefer not to receive additional information your name is taken off our list.

If this really happened to you, I am really sorry, but the sequence you have written and the fees you have quoted are totally out of line and incorrect; what you indicated was in the business kit is only partially correct; you could have gotten information from the person who told you about the opportunity, but you didn't take the time to write it all down. If you had truly been signed up with a Melaleuca team and received a business kit, you would know what was really in that kit.

For anyone who would like to check on Melaleuca credentials, go to and put in Melaleuca in Idaho Falls, I.D. and see what you come up with. As with any company, you may come up with something negative, but read all of what the Better Business Bureau says about this company, that's why they are there; To Protect You. Also while you are investing Melaleuca, put in the names other companies and you like and shop at. If you could put the US Government in there you will come up with something negative. There is not one perfect person in this world, nor is there one perfect company, agency or government.

The company has a 20 year remarkable history of a good honest business, integrity, listed with the Better Business Bureau and makes non-toxic products that are safer for YOU, children, pets and the environment. If this company is soo bad, then WHY do we have so many people who have stopped using products with chemicals that have aggravated or caused medical problems. Once they get all the toxins out of their homes, using these safer alternative products made from the best of science and nature, their symptoms either become less intense or go away completely. No these are not meds and we do not say they are, but it is a proven fact that the toxic chemical cleaning products you use, even your make up and personal care products can cause asthma, allergies, enhance symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, emphysema and many other illnesses.

Let me ask you, where can you start a business for $29 guaranteed money back for 120 days, products purchased have an empty bottle guarantee for 60 days and vitamins and nutritional supplements for 90 days. Take an empty bottle back to your local grocery or discount store and watch the expression on their face when you ask for your money back because it didn't work the way it said it should. In there years I have found no reason to return a product and when in error I received a product I hadn't ordered, they sent the correct product and told me to keep the other. I don't think you will find that anywhere else. Also do you know of any business you can have where YOU wouldn't need to know about YOUR products? I think not if YOU want to succeed.

Melaleuca is not an MLM and is RECONIZED by the IRS as being Consumer Direct Marketing. When it comes to MLM’s most companies want several hundreds of $$$ to start and you have to order several hundreds of $$$ every month.

As far as our products being expensive, that is totally wrong; they are concentrated and a bottle of 1 will make 4 bottles. There are over 350 consumable products, so there is no need to even order the same products every month unless you are taking the vitamins and nutrition products.

As a matter of fact “Heather and Mary” seen on Dr. Phil has just done a survey on Work at home sites and there are several Melaleuca teams listed. It won't say Melaleuca because Melaleuca doesn't advertise and if they did advertise, we wouldn't be able to start our own business with a very low start up cost.

One more thing, I bet you shop at our major discount store in U.S. and I bet you didn't know they buy a lot of products from Red China. With free trade U.S. can buy from them, but they buy nothing made in the USA. There is a senator from Tennessee who says, if that store could be considered a country, it would be the 5th largest country buying products from Red China.
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re: Mela A Company With Integrity Good Standing With BBB

Postby LottomagicZ4941A on Wed Nov 09, 2005 3:33 am

I have relatives that are quite happy with Mela. . . so I don't ever want to bash it to bad.

I think it is cool how they tend to help each other.

But the BBB is concerned with getting revenue.

Truth is my experience with the BBB is they are a bit of a scam. When my brother got taken by a busisness that was a BBB meber they were of not help. We had to get a lawyer!!!
PS I joined ... magicZ4941 to promote lotto magic and my upline gave me a downline of over 700!!!
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