Textbrokers and Writer Access questions...

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Textbrokers and Writer Access questions...

Postby CoolhandLocke on Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:41 pm

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I was accepted last week to write on Textbrokers & Writer Access. I know the pay isn't the greatest, but I thought it would help me get started. On the week I've been there there are a lot of topics posted but hardly any of them are things I would want to wright about. I did find one, took the job and that didn't go so well. The buyer was pretty rude and gave poor instructions, or at least their translator did.

Writer Access looks like a good site, but lookin' is all I've been able to do thus far. I haven't seen one assignment on that site in a week and I check at least 7 - 10 times a day. Disappointed with them so far...

What other sites are there around that have paid assignments with a similar pay setup as those two? I know there's London Brokers, but I haven't checked them out yet. I couldn't find out much information on them as far as pay rate and the kind of assignments found. I am on Odesk and have a promising lead, but that place is tough to get started on with no real online experience that I can show except for some AP articles and a blog. I figure I may have to suck it up and take a really cheap job being offered just to get some feedback.

Any suggestions on Textbrokers, Writer Access or London Brokers or similar sites would be appreciated, thanks in advance :D
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Real Writing Jobs

Re: Textbrokers and Writer Access questions...

Postby roxyranelli on Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:27 am

I belong to Textbroker. It is pretty much hit or miss there. Some days there will be a huge influx of articles available, and other days, not too much of a variety. Fortunately, most people are not rude and will accept your articles you write for them if they follow the guidelines. Like you mentioned, however, there are some people who expect an "expert" article when they are only willing to pay pennies for it.

Have you tried looking into Associated Content (associatedcontent.com), which recently was acquired by Yahoo. I have been with them for years. You can basically write about anything, and after being reviewed, you are offered a payment. For me, personally, I average $4 an article (sometimes more/sometimes less). Some people average $7-$10 per article (400 words in length). You also get paid monthly, for page views.

There are other companies such as Ehow, Helium, ect. that pay for writings or page views on articles.

Good Luck on your search.
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Re: Textbrokers and Writer Access questions...

Postby Writer81 on Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:01 pm

In regards to London Brokers they are who I started out writing with professionally. I find them to be very professional, quick to review work, easy to write for and very friendly.

They provide a lot of help for new writers and actually show you in video form how to do most of the work. They provide a lot of helpful reading material if you need it and it is fun as well.

They have 300, 400, 500 and sometimes 750+ articles. They also pay a little extra for articles that require you to write 25, 50, 100 titles as well. These are easily done with a great spinner tool they have.
But the vast majority of the work they have is in the form of UAWs.

They have the board set up with two sections:
* 'urgent articles' needed within 24 hours
* 'normal' articles that give you anything up to 70+ hours to complete.

For the urgent ones you get higher pay, well a little bit, but it all adds up.
And for the normal ones if you submit your work within 24 hours of taking the assignment you get a 5% bonus on top of the price of the article.

I love writing here. They have a online help button and most of the time someone is there if you ever need anything answered or need help with an article.

I really wish they had more single articles and was a bit higher paying. I am not the fastest writer as I like to get every detail right and pack it full of information. That is why I am looking for a higher paying writing job or private clients. I need to make a full time living from home and am really hoping that I can get it to work out soon.

Good luck and if you want to know anything else about them just ask.
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Re: Textbrokers and Writer Access questions...

Postby kdbbiz on Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:14 pm

You could also check out The Content Authority. They have several levels of writing so you may start out at a lower rate but can work your way up. It is a pretty easy format and you can find 150 word jobs, 300 words, 450 words and 600 words taking whatever you choose. They always seem to have a lot of work too.
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Re: Textbrokers and Writer Access questions...

Postby jmax01 on Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:45 pm

Old thread, but maybe someone will pick it up...
I've been freelancing part-time for several years. When looking around for some different options now that I live in a much smaller town, I knew that some networking would help, so here I am on this site. I came across Textbroker , Content Authority, and a couple other sites recently.

As a result of this post and the comment on London Brokers, I signed up to see what it was about. I couldn't believe how low the pay is. Not only is the pay 1/4 of what I'm getting on my own -my minimum is $25 for 500 words, London Broker asks for two re-writes. I'm shocked and disappointed to learn that writers are getting $5 or $6 per 500 word article - for optimized content! Some of these clients want back links, etc., in addition to the copy. Instructions range from the vague to the ridiculous in detail. I don't see how anyone can make even a part-time living with these content mills. But they obviously do. Stumped....
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