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Postby MichaelR on Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:47 pm


I am a teacher and recently began filling out the application material for tutor.com When I reached the social security number, I decided to do further research on the company. I realize SS is standard on employment applications, but I have learned to be very, very cautious when giving out cetain information.

Is anyone familiar with tutor.com and/or have experience with them. Please contact me at mailto:[email protected]

I would really appreciate the feedback.

Thank you.

Michael Roth
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re: Tutor.com

Postby ChicagoWahm on Tue Sep 27, 2005 11:25 pm

:D Hello Michael

First let me commend you on being a teacher. You all do so much for our children. Next, I have heard of http://www.tutor.com, and have never heard anything negative about them, but I don't know of anyone who has personally worked for them, since I don't associate with many teachers. I checked the bbb in Newyork and they did not have a listing for tutor.com. I ran a domain search which was registered in 1998!

http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/r ... tid=585109

If you view the information listed on who is and compare it with their website, it is the same, which is a good thing. Atleast they have a number you can call to speak with someone if need be. If you are concerned give them a call, ask some questions. I do know that there are quite a few places online that does hire teachers to work online. I hope this helps a bit.

Best Regards,
Earn a ft income promoting literacy pt from home.
Call: 888-538-5553
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby gchung on Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:57 pm

Hi. I am a tutor.com tutor. I have worked for the company for about one year. It is nice to work from home at my convenience, and it is also nice to work as much or as little as I like. The pay is ten bucks an hour and the direct deposit is seamless. Sometimes the software crashes, but I am not sure if that is on my end or on the students' end.

I say go for it if you want some online teaching experience and if you are not looking for big $$$.

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Re: Tutor.com

Postby mamabear on Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:23 am

I am interested in this online tutoring job? What subjects do you teach and where are the students located? Is it global or only available in the US of A?
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby javino on Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:51 am

Michael, I am glad that someone in this forum has the answer to your question. :)

Glen, maybe you can give us more information about tutor.com. It sounds like a good source of extra income for us teachers. Thanks! :)
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby cwconne on Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:09 am

I'm also a tutor on Tutor.com for several months, so I figured I should add my two cents.

The service has gotten some bad reviews in the past for firing tutors on a whim, but I haven't found that to be the case. After my computer crashed, and I was out of work for about a month, I found Tutor.com to be incredibly understanding. Additionally, the expectations for promotion are well established. If, for any reason, you have questions, you're assigned a mentor who can answer most questions.

As far as subjects, you can see a subject listing on their website. I believe that most, if not all, students are from the States.

Hope this helped!
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby resipsa on Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:09 pm

Hello. I have been a tutor with tutor.com for about a year and a half. The service is fantastic, and treats us employees great. I am a law student, so I don't have much time to work outside of class and studying at the law library, so the ability to boot up my computer and work from wherever I happen to be at the time is great. Sometimes I work at midnight, other times I work at two in the afternoon. I can work as little hours as I need a week, so long as I tutor one hour every 3 months. And you get raises quite quickly, as I now make 11 bucks and hour to tutor.

I am an English essay tutor, and the work is very easy. I do not plan to make a career out of it (the money is decent, but hopefully as a lawyer I can make a bit more), but for what it is worth, I have been very happy with tutor.com, and plan to stick with them until I graduate. It is a way to pay the food bills and cut down on that tuition a little bit, even if I am currently only working a few horus a week.

The only downside is that during the summer and Christmas break, the hours are cut down (for obvious reasons). Aside from that, I have never been scammed, and the money I make is direct deposited right into my account once a month. Technicaly, I don't ever have to leave my house haha.
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby BlueSkyWit on Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:39 am


I have been a Tutor with Tutor.com for almost 4 years and a mentor for over 2. It is definitely a great company to work for if you are looking for a flexible, work from home schedule (it is contract work so it is 1099 for tax purposes).

To comment on tutors being fired on a "whim" this is definitely not the case. We do have very high quality standards that we expect from our tutors, but the mentoring system allows tutors a chance to get regular feedback and lots of assistance to help them improve. Even those tutors who are placed on "warning" due to quality concerns have a minimum of 2 weeks to show improvement (with constant feedback and assistance during that time).

Tutor.com is an on-demand service, meaning that you do not schedule your students, you just show up and wait. Students log in from all over the world to get immediate help with their homework questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was unsure about on-demand tutoring because I have taught/tutored in-person for over 10 years and had only encountered your typical "planned" sessions - meeting with the same student week after week. It is definitely not for those with weak content knowledge as you are expected to solve the student's problem and then develop a solid tutoring strategy to help them solve their own within the first 60-120 seconds of each session! We are not an answering service so we expect individuals to have experience in helping students reach their own "ah-ha" moments (just as you would in a typical tutoring session), not just lecturing or doing the work for them.

Working for this company has definitely been a rewarding experience, both in terms of the freedom and the ability to help 1000s of students from home. While the pay is certainly less than many of you could command for in-person help, you have no overhead, no scheduling, no downtime and no travel time to deal with.

Best of luck to any who apply!
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby truitt661 on Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:52 am

They are legit I did a research on them and no a couple of people who works with them.
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby Whatever2 on Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:23 pm

I whole-heartedly disagree with some of the favorable reviews for Tutor.com in this thread.

I worked with Tutor.com for three months. During that time, I received minimal support from management, experienced significant delays on communication from management's end, and noted management's extreme tendency to avoid actual interpersonal communication like it was the plague.

The service absolutely is teeming with abusive students who are rude and disrespectful. Tutor.com's management and so-called "mentors" will evade your grievances regarding aberrant student behavior, and chastise the tutor for not be able to "meet the student's needs" even when it's blatantly apparent that the student is dicking around intentionally and getting a sophomoric enjoyment out of harassing and "trolling" the tutors.

I was terminated from Tutor.com for essentially no other reason than Tutor.com's management and "mentors" being incompetent and completely unresponsive to concerns and feedback provided by their tutors.

The only way I expect anyone could succeed with Tutor.com long-term is if one:
A. Has no life, no self-esteem or self-respect, and takes no pride in their work
B. Doesn't mind being abused by students who go out of their way to waste the tutor's time, and,
C. Doesn't mind when management ignores your concerns and then blames you for their inadequacies.

In other words, if you value your skills and expertise as a tutor, and take pride in your work, and expect the people you work for to be equally-invested and equally-responsive as you are ... then Tutor.com is NOT for you; don't waste your time.
If on the other hand, you're callous or ambivalent enough to not care when students abuse you, and you've got plenty of time to burn (no spouse, no kids, no pets, no responsibilities), and you don't mind a below-average paycheck while your organization reaps money hand-over-fist, then sure, give working for Tutor.com a try. Just don't come back and say I didn't warn you.
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby Tutor12 on Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:15 am

I have contracted with tutor.com for about a year and was hesistant to write this post. I am not at all surprised to hear complaints related to contractors being let go suddenly and on a whim. I have recently encountered problems related to PC speed and have been threatnened with further action related to an accidental sharing of relatively general information about the company revealed to a student. The information was hardly proprietary or secret. . . it was simply related to the company's client base, i.e., most of their customers are libraries and other similar services.

While the comments regarding payment here are accurate. . .paychecks are almost always deposited on time, and delays are not more than 48 hours, they pay on the "4th business day of the month", which falls to their advantage, most of the time.

Mentors are attached to each tutor, and mine has been exemplary, but I find their upper management to be arrogant and rather full of themselves. If you make a mistake and have not entirely memorized their 80+ page manuals (2 of them. . . with no compensation for the time you spend on this tedious activity), they speak to you as if you are a misbehaving child in a classroom.

I am currently searching for other services to work with and would be more than happy to say goodbye to tutor.com permanently.
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby Michel austin on Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:13 am

I an just visiting this site,It's looks interesting...but i am still confused....Do they really pay...anyone have any proof... :D :D :D
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Re: Tutor.com : Legit Review

Postby Biswasishere on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:22 am

Hello Everyone,

I was working with tutor.com for couple of years until they terminated my contract for not any valid reason other than saying not following their guidelines.

Here are the 100% true facts.
1. Is it a scam?
No it is not really a scam. It does pay you monthly.

2. How does it work?
You will apply to be tutor, pass their tests, exams, and background checks. Then, you will be given their software to download where you would log in and wait for the students to connect to you.

3. How about Schedules or Hours?
They ask you to schedule for minimum of 5 hours per week.

4. Company Review?
Yes, it is a bad company as some of the members already explained. I have found hundreds of tutors being fired for no good reason. The reasons for firing include: not logged into software in time, not following what the mentors say, not following their company guidelines, being not able to handle the rude, vulgar, and immoral students, sharing little too much information that can reveal your identity etc. and some times for not any reasons.

5. Do they need a reason to fire you?
No, in their contract they say that "They can end your contract at any time without any questions/reasons!".

6. Everything sounds good if you are nice, what's wrong?
I was nice, well, I was way nicer than any students or mentors or their managements. I followed all their guidelines. I answered more than 90% of the students with 100% accurate answers in extremely helpful ways. You can't answer all the questions, student bring in that case you can transfer.

But, sometimes you can feel the superiority of so called mentors and let me tell you the truth -- they keep changing the mentors and some mentors are so rude that they treat you as a slave. They only make you accept that only their viewpoints are right and yours are not.

Still, I had no problem with that. I never replied them or said -- 'Hey, you could change your viewpoints positively too :)' I was so polite, I said okay! You are right !

Sometimes, you get very rude students who are unresponsive. Sometimes, you get nice students too :)

But the ones who are hard, treat you very bad. They are like, tell me, do that, do this, do fast, in a rude way and sometimes you also find students using vulgar words and drawings. But, the management will always blame on you when the student acts stupid, instead of saying that student is wrong.

So, take this way -- "the management thinks that students are never wrong! Even when they treat you badly".

Oh, and let me tell you a truth -Once a student keep drawing on the board something that I can't understand, I thought the student is new and is trying to play with their software tools like pencil, rectangles, etc. The student later on terminated the session without responding properly. Then, the arrogant and stupid mentors, who can't even figure out who drew those stuffs on the board, blamed me saying that 'I drew those stuffs on the board!' Did you see what kind of people are there as a mentor or management? They don't even know what they are doing?

I'm not saying 100% of the mentors/management treat you rude and are bad, but there is no doubt 90% of those are. If you don't believe me, give it a try and you will experience their arrogance.

7. Too much said -- how did they terminated my contract?
Yeah, but the reason they ended the contract is for not tutoring 80% of the scheduled time. It was little of a mistake from my side too, as you can see. But if you know some little math you can figure out what 80% of the scheduled time means!

Let's look at a example:
Say, you schedule for 100 hours for a week, 80% means, you need to be logged in for at least 80+ hours. And you can neglect the 20- hours. That means if you schedule 100 hours, and tutor for 80 hours, you can get excuse for 20 hours. That's huge hours! Whole 20!

Now, say you got some problems with your computers or networks and for some week/month you are moving or you are having other problems with internet. And you though, Oh, I can't make that many hours, I will probably manage to do about 2/3 hours. So, you schedule for 2/3 hours a week. And say it added to 10 hours in the whole month. So, for 10 hours scheduled, you are supposed to be tutoring for 8 hours. And if you miss even one of the day you scheduled 3 hours, you are violating their policy!

Did you see their inability to make correct judgment?
In the first case, you get excused for 20 Hours! In the second case, you couldn't even miss 2 hours? That's exactly what happened to my case! I moved to a new place, and it took me nearly a month to do the complete moving. So, I bought a movable internet--the 4G internet card from T-Mobile. I thought I could use that from anywhere, so I won't have problem.

But, unfortunately, the 4G Wireless internet didn't do any good :( It got frequently disconnected, and sometimes even was not able to connect to their networks. So, sometimes, I would try to log in to their software, and it would say -- "your internet speed is not enough to connect to our server"! So, I wasted time trying to connect, but no luck!
So, I had scheduled for like 20 hours for about a 2 month period, and that was summer. And in summer, the number of students trying to connect was also low. So, I hardly was able to tutor for around 10 hours, and that's enough reason for them to fire you!

Well, so, you can see they took advantage of some bad time that you are having and making that reason to fire you. In the summer time, students are really low, so even if you log in you will not be tutoring for all hours that you are scheduled, and in the other side, I had already scheduled for very low # of hours just like 20Hours for 2 months, so that other tutors can schedule for the hours that I can't.

But, looks like tutor.com is full of fools who don't even know how a situation should be analyzed and evaluated.

So, as you can see, I strived to help for as much hours as I can and stay logged in to tutor, but sometimes this type of situation can come to you. But the fools don't need any good reasoning to put a direct blame on you, and fire you!

8. So, what's the main point?
They will almost always put blame on you. So, don't expect positive feedback from any of them.
If you ask some questions, and they don't know about it, they can take a month to reply, but they will keep blaming on you!

Yep, Blaming, Negative Feedbacks, and Attitudes were the common problems my friends of tutor.com reported, so don't expect anything positive about it.

But, before many tutors reported that one major problem was: "Tutors were blamed and fired for providing answers to students!". Well, you might say what? What's wrong with that? Well, I think slowly they have changed their rules to allow tutors to answer the students in many possible ways. I heard that before, you wouldn't be able to tell the student 2+2 = 4 directly! You would have to find a way to tell the answer indirectly. May be like this: hey go ahead and find two sticks hold them in your left hand, now find two more sticks and put them on your right hand. Now, put them on the floor and tell me how many total you got ?:)

Well, here we go!
The complete 100% legit, and 99% Un-biased Review of a company so called Tutor.com.
[Well, I put 99% un-biased, because I don't want to tell anything false, so, sometimes I might get feelings, but believe in GOD my reviews are ultimately filled with the TRUTH]. Go no-where else to search for any more info about it!

Hey! Thank you for reading the long post!

I know, now some fellows from Tutor.com are surely going to post a reply saying how good they are! Expect that to be natural :) As I said before, it is not a scam, so give it a try yourself, and after you tutor for 2/3 months you will experience yourself what I said to be nothing else but 100% TrueStory:)
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby workercat on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:17 am

I am also a retired teacher and have been working with this service for almost three years. Only time I get discouraged is when I have to "suck it up" with a poor review from a student who was just clowning around and being a bully online. On the other end, however, corporate does note that -- and the low rating is removed fromt he files, but with their software, you still have to look at it on the tutor's end. So, now I just pay very little attention to tudent evaluations -- and that seems counter-productive, but whatever.

To the poster who was terminated for not meeting scheduled hours, all you had to do was call them or e-mail them (from another computer if yours was not working) and tell them you were moving and without access and they would have noted it -- and you could have picked up tutoring when you got back online.

We had two seasons of storms -- tornado in the area disrupted power for weeks -- and when I had damage to house from another storm, I just told them and they removed me from the schedule and told me to let them know when I was ready to work again. You can't just "not show up" for your scheduled hours without an excuse -- just like the real world. If you say you are going to work, then . . .well, you have to show up. If something happens -- you tell them. In my case of the storms, I was actually online when the power went, so I couldn't call anybody for several days, but we made national news, so I just referenced that when I got back online.

The students are always right -- it seems so -- we have to bend over backwards to accommodate them, but . . .they are the ones who pay the bills, so . . .stands to reason. We do NOT have to take any abuse or bad language; we are instructed to merely "close the session" and report it -- and move on. It's tough -- being a former teacher to not be able to reach thru the screen and throttle them, but it really happens infrequently to me -- and I tutor about 15-18 hours a week -- on average -- except for summer and holiday breaks. And some of these posters -- with bad attitudes -- difficult to believe that this attitude did not permeate the dialogue with the corporate offices and/or the clients, so . . .go figure.

I have recommended this service to potential tutors and students alike -- it's not cut out for everybody, of course. But worth a try. If you want me to send you some info -- just let me know; they are currently recruiting for next year -- which is right around the corner.
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Re: Tutor.com

Postby Richard Knepp on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:00 pm

I can advice a legit job for tutors at http://www.tutorsville.net/ I have heard that this is a reliable service for skilled teachers.
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