www.craigslist.com - Fabulous Classified Website

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www.craigslist.com - Fabulous Classified Website

Postby chrispe on Thu Oct 06, 2005 12:43 pm


I couldn't find the comment on the whydowork.com forum where this website was listed but I wanted to thank the person who mentioned it.

WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE! Make your city choice by clicking in the righthand column. Advertising free website.

Some of the jobs listed in the Jobs section were for WAH, but, there were also listings for the most unusual (and fun) jobs I have ever seen (and wondered how people found.)

You can also list that you would like a WAH job.

The classified ads included: personals; community (event, activities, etc.); items to buy, sell, barter, wanted; as well as jobs. Also, had FREE categories.

The major categories are divided into more specific subcategories (e.g. JOBS: business, arts, office/admin, etc.)

I had so much fun on this website I spent hours last evening looking through everything.

Again, I would like to thank the person who had listed this website.
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re: www.craigslist.com - Fabulous Classified Website

Postby chinesemom on Sun Oct 09, 2005 1:47 am

HI there.

I think that it would be me who mentioned it at this forum. I had talked about it of what I had posted and yes. Lots of people liked it as well.

And you are very welcome.

I might mention that there are lots of work at home thing.

I had just contact a real estate guy about where he didn't send me anything in the first round after contacting him. Anyway, he reposted it in the Seattle one and I am hoping that this will make me some money on the sides. I am also an assistant for a lady who did post it there but I will wait to do something about it after I make money for sure and both is where I can work at home as well and I will keep you posted if you want.
If you want, email me at mailto:[email protected].

PS. Also go to google.com and type stuff like "wah", work at home mothers, anything that has to do with moms working at home stuff which will list lots and lots of links. I also recommend subscribing to their ezines where most will email you the jobs that they have found.
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re: www.craigslist.com - Fabulous Classified Website

Postby sunchy on Sun Nov 20, 2005 8:09 am

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