whydowork - [Full-time] mechanical Design

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Job Title: [Full-time] mechanical Design

Job Source: whydowork

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Job Description: Location: URL:Description: I can provide Detail Engineering services & project Management.

Mechanical, Piping , electrical , Architects, Civil-Structural Dsesigning.Apply to this job...

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whydowork - [Full-time] mechanical Design

Postby briantarrant on Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:57 pm


Brian P Tarrant
709 n Ridges Apt 3
Taylorville ILL
Home Ph-217-713-2179

OBJECTIVE: Locating a job that will utilize my experiences in Auto Cad in Central Illinois and my college and work skills.


Welding - Extensive experience in a wide variety of welding styles in all positions Mig, Tig, and Stick stainless and carbon pipe

Shipping and Receiving-ADM I received pipe parts, nuts and bolts, carbon, stainless pipe for the corn sweetener I shipped out the parts, we fabricated throughout the U.SA.

Equipment Operator - Experienced forklift operator on various sizes and styles of forklifts, Skilled in the use of a variety of power tools and metal fabrication equipment including band saw, chop saw, drills, drill press, radial arm saw, pipe benders, power saws, sanders and grinders.

Equipment Maintenance - Performed general maintenance on welding equipment and production machinery. Maintained high production levels through on site machine repairs and preventative maintenance at all the ADM plants.

Building Maintenance - Experience in general construction including piping, basic electrical repairs, carpentry, concrete, spray and roller painting, plumbing, patching and sheet rock.

Personal Attributes - Dependable, Self-Starter safety-conscious and dedicated to excellence and all ways on time and ready to work.

Pipe Fitter & Welder & Rigger - combined experience exceeds 25 years working as a foreman, lead man and worker
Maintaining the strictest performance quality, production standards, Also, trained new employees and monitored
Their performance.

2010-2012- Ran a Cabby Joes Taxi owner and worker 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

2009-2010- worked as a telephone customer worker for MAI fig i’s

2007-2009- presently working on my Auto Cad degree at Lincoln Land Community College/ Graduate in Jan 2009

2005-2006- I was Disabled trying to limp in to college in pain 24/7 need to make money to live.

2001-2005 work as a Union Pipe fitter in Central Illinois in four different locations. $32.00 an hour

1994-2001-Bridgestone-Fire Stone, ADM/CAT/ KRAFT Decatur IL

Worked as a machine operator beadier and builder tuber wind up Operator for the proper building of a quality tires we had to
Follow strict quality control specification set forth under the ISO 9000 system. Tube up 125 tire machines

1987-1994 -All Tri R Construction ADM Decatur /Peoria IL Clinton Iowa
Worked as a welder/pipe fitter electrician, Read and drew blue prints for pipe also bent conduit wire start and stop switches,
Motors control cabinet’s transformers from 120 volts to 41,000 volts for the refinery coal fired generation at ADM

1980-1987 -Payne and Keller/ JE Merit at ADM at the Decatur IL, Houston TX
Ran screw pipe/Butt weld pipe from 2” to 36” in eight different State and conduit pulled wire and terminated s/s station for motors and control cabinets


Taylorville High School Lincoln Land Community College
Completed Windows XP, Works, math, welding, construction Intro business, Intro Windows Intro Microsoft,
Computer Systems, Cisco Academy, Cad Fund of Computer, Architectural Drafting, Construction blueprinting reading,
Cad advanced Computer, Cad Micro Station Computer, Residential Wiring, Carpentry two, Arch Computer-Aide,
Blue print reading, Built 3 houses, Boy Scout Eagle Scout silver bronzes palms
Played First string six years of football, Taylorville high School
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Re: whydowork - [Full-time] mechanical Design

Postby ladybug on Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:17 am

This is not a place to apply for the job. You must click the appropriate link in the post up above.
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