How to Get Freelance and Telecommuting Jobs on

What is is an Internet site where more than 25,000 freelancers can bid on your assignments. Launched in late 2007 by MeVideo LTD, the tagline, Outsource your projects to rated freelancers in web design, programming, graphics, writing, translation, and more describes exactly what they can do for freelancers and customers find work. The types of freelance jobs available at are the following:

  • Websites - Bid on jobs such as Ecommerce, Flash Animation, SEO &SEM, Web Design, and Web Programming.
  • Writing - Copywriting, Creative Writing, CV Writing, Data Entry & Transcription, Editing & Proofreading, Essay Writing,
  • Programming - Application Development, Database Development, Facebook, Joomla, Operating System, Programming Languages, and more.
  • Graphic Design - 3D Modeling, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Animation, Banners, Book Design, Brochures, and more.
  • Business & Marketing - Accounting & Bookkeeping, Business Plan, Company Registration, Legal Opinion, Legal Services, and Marketing Plans.
  • Video & Audio - Audio Effects, Audio/Sound Production, Video Ads, Video Clip, Video Editing, and Video Effects.
  • Translations - Translate many different projects from Arabic to French to English.
  • Photo - Photo Improvement, Photo Print, Photographer, Portrait from Photo, Renew Old Photos, General Photo services.


Many sites that promote freelance work like oDesk, Elance, and offer a multitude of options, plans, and performance tools. Bizreef offers a simpler choice and is quickly becoming popular due to:

  • Tab Friendly Interface. While many similar websites claim that they offer ease of maneuverability throughout their websites, but backs it up with a tab friendly interface. From the homepage, anyone with an account to maneuver to any destination of the site by simply clicking on the respecting tabs.
  • BizReef permits the freelancer to display their talents and even provide samples from their portfolio, as well as customize their own home page. The freelancer's past work that he/she completed on BizReef is then graded by their clients, so future prospects can see how well, or how poorly a freelancer that person is, and if he/she is worth of hire.
  • Escrow payment service. The customer who hires the freelancer deposits the agreed wage into an escrow account. Once the work is completed, and the customer approves the work performed by the freelancer, payment is then released.
  • does not charge a monthly fee to freelance providers. BizReef gets paid when the provider of the work gets paid. BizReef charges a fee to contact the provider. Freelancers bid on the contract.

How does one become a provider on

Signing up at to become a provider is completely free. The first step to becoming a provider for BizReef is to register the account and to create a profile that can be viewed by the customer community. Once the information has been completed, the provider fills out additional information pertaining to the type of work that they can perform for the customer.

Creating a Professional Profile on


One of the most important sections of your profile is the title because this is your one chance where you can stand out in your line of work and expertise. The title should let people know what you can offer to them. For example, if you are a computer programmer, your title might be as follows:

Experienced Java Programmer, with SQL and C++ Certifications

This creative title will let the buyer know about your experience and possible certifications that you have to perform the necessary jobs.

Contact Information

This is your personal email that BizReef keeps on file to send to you account notifications, account alerts, messages, and so much more. This is also the email where potential clients will contact you to ask you questions or to perform interviews to do their job. It would be prudent to get in the habit of checking your emails several times a day in order to make sure that you do not miss any potential job offers.

Picture/Company Logo

The Picture/Company logo section on your personal profile will allow you to upload a photo of yourself or even your company logo. By adding a professional photograph can have the providers put a name with the face. It is also recommended that you at least put something for a picture/logo in this section as you will appear more authentic.

Finding Work through

Once the personal profile information has been completed, you are now ready to view and apply for the numerous jobs available on You can find Bizreef jobs on using the work at home job search. Once you come across a job that you are interested in and click "Apply", click on the Contact Buyer button on to read the Project Description in more detail.

Once you are satisfied with the Project Description, there is another Contact Buyer button located on the right hand side. Once that button has been clicked, you are taken to the negotiation page where you can personalize a message to send to them and even send samples of your previous work experience.

Writing a Cover Letter to Gain the Interest of the Customer

When contacting a customer, it is best to be direct and to the point. Also, explain your experience and even provide them with previous work examples. For example, if you are an experienced article writer, include files showing the work that you have written. The customer will then have a better feel to see if you will be a great fit for working with them.

Once you have received an email from the prospective customer make sure that you complete the project in the allotted time that you agreed to do for them, and ask all questions regarding the assigned project.

Once the job is complete, and the customer is satisfied with your work, you both now have a chance to rate the transaction by stars. One star meaning the job was not satisfactory and the full five stars means that you enjoyed working with them and vice versa.

Getting Paid

When you are finished with the assignment, the customer then releases the money from the escrow account. All registered users can get paid through a Visa, MasterCard, or even their PayPal Account.

Building Your Reputation with

As more companies farm out their work to freelancers, is perfect for the freelance provider. It is possible to make a living, while working at home from If you are looking for a stay-at-home-job where you can make your own hours and work for yourself, is one of the better business ventures out there where you can use them to supplement your income, or even a full time job.