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Are you the artsy type? Do you have a passion for making things by hand? If so, then may be the best spot on the Web for you! Many stay-at-home-moms (and some dads, too) have found that is a great way to market their products to people who love handicrafts. From handmade jewelry to quilts and more, if you can make it, you can sell it on! touts itself as being the “online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade”. And whether you are looking to build a full-time income, or you just want to make a little extra cash by selling things that you love to make, you’ll find has a simple format and platform for you to get started.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. If you sell supplies for the handcrafter, or if you have vintage items that you’re looking to sell, then has got you covered as well. Registering and using this fabulous and relatively new service is a breeze. This guide will help you get started cashing in.

Registering connects people who are looking for handcrafts to independent folks like you who are looking to unload their wares. Before you can begin making money on, you’ll need to register for a free account. Registration is a breeze. Here’s the 411 on registration:

1. Click the button that reads “register” at the top right of the homepage.
2. Enter your valid email address, and choose a personalized username and password. Selection hint: choose wisely. Your username will also be what your “shop” on is called, so you want to make sure that the name you select will represent what you have to sell. The URL for your shop name will be based on the username selected in the following format:
3. You will be asked to enter a valid credit card, although you won’t be charged for registering on
4. You must be eighteen years of age or older (or get your parent’s permission) to sell on
5. All registered members should become familiar with the Terms of Use for the site.

Your Profile

An important part of your success on will be based on your profile. Online sales are always very competitive, and customers want to know all that they can about you before committing to buy from you. In addition to giving as much information as possible about yourself and your abilities in your profile, you should also outline your policies regarding shipping, payments, exchanges and refunds. Keep in mind that your policies must be in line with’s policies that govern the site.

Selling on

Selling on is fun and profitable.

You can sell:

  • Handmade items. Items that you have made by hand, including food items if they comply with all of’s policies.
  • Supplies. Crafting supplies, both handmade and commercial.
  • Vintage items. Items that are twenty years old or older are considered to be vintage.
You cannot sell:
  • Items that are not handmade, or that are not considered as vintage or supplies.
  • Items that you did not make, even if they are handmade.
  • Illegal or prohibited items. You cannot sell alcohol, tobacco, firearms or other weapons, live animals or animal products, real estate, or items that promote violence or hatred, or intolerance for race or religion, or items that inform others how to perform illegal acts. Once you have registered with, you can start setting up shop! Each user is given their own simple to use online shop when they register, which can be customized with a banner. You will be prompted to complete a profile and establish the policies for your own shop. You will list the items you have for sale on the system (for which a fee is charged). Buyers browsing will then be able to purchase your items. You might also participate in a service feature known as Alchemy, which is part of, and bid on the creation of custom made items that shoppers request. Once the shopper chooses or orders an item, you will get paid for the item and you can ship the item out to the shopper. It’s that simple!

Benefits of Selling on There are many benefits to selling your products on, including:
  • No need for technical skills. Unlike many websites, you do not need to know any HTML to set up shop on Getting started takes just minutes and you can fully customize your shop to look and feel the way you want.
  • You get your own URL for promoting your products outside of to draw in more customers and thus, more sales.
  • Being part of the community of knowledgeable, helpful sellers is a big benefit. You will have the ability to chat with other sellers, to network and share tips and strategies for boosting profits. In addition to forums and chat rooms, all Esty.Com members are invited to contribute to the Storque blog; all submissions are decided upon by staff.
  • Ability to attend powerful and valuable online workshops in the Virtual Labs, which will make selling on even more rewarding for you.
  • Visibility. There are many active buyers browsing for handcrafts, vintage items and crafting supplies. The customer base is narrow – which means that you will have targeted traffic coming through your shop.

Selling Fees

The selling fees on are more reasonable than most other sites that are similar, such as, for instance. When listing items on, you will pay a .20 cent fee to list an item for a full four months. When your items sell, you will pay a transaction fee of only 3.5%. Sellers have the option of paying their bills online one each month.


One of the most important aspects of for both sellers and buyers is the feedback system. Feedback is given by both the seller of the item and the buyer of the item once a transaction is complete. is very staunch in regards to requiring sellers to maintain good feedback, so maintaining lines of open communication with your customers is important. If feedback scores slip too low, can suspend or terminate your seller’s account.

Best Practices for Becoming a Profitable Etsy.Com Seller

Becoming an Etsy.Com seller can be a very profitable and rewarding choice. The following best practices will help you to boost your sales and become even more successful when selling on Etsy.Com.

  • Always conduct business on Etsy.Com in accordance with the Etsy.Com terms and conditions, which are clearly spelled out on the website.
  • Be consistent in shipping out your merchandise to the customer. When possible, ship readymade items the next business day.
  • Accurately describe the items that you have for sale.
  • Consider your own experiences as a shopper when dealing with your customers, and treat customers accordingly.
  • Thank customers for every transaction.
  • Honor what you say you will do by doing it, especially when it comes to exchanges and refunds. A clearly outlined policy on complaints should guide you in dealing with customers who are unhappy.

Finding a Job listings appear in the work at home job search at To apply for any position, use your saved profile details to quickly apply. Be sure to tailor your resume to each specific position.