Job Seeker's Guide to

What is (referred to also as GAF) is a jobs marketplace that is growing in popularity. Employers who have various projects that they need to outsource connect on with providers of service who are looking to work remotely from their homes. GetAFreelancer is similar to freelance jobs sites like Elance and oDesk. On these sites, you search for jobs and place competitive bids on them for the buyer's consideration. There are several categories of jobs on GAF, such as copywriting, administrative support, data entry, web design, sales and more. is the oldest and largest freelancer market place on the Web.

Registering for a GAF Account

Registering for an account on GAF is fast and easy, and best of all; free. Unlike many freelance marketplaces, there is no fee to register. Take time creating your GAF user page; this is the page that will be seen by potential employers; be sure that you upload an impressive photo.

  • To get started, log onto
  • In the middle of the screen under LOOKING FOR WORK, click on SIGN UP FREE NOW (in green font).
  • Under Username, type in a unique username of your choice. Click cursor in Email Address field.
  • Fill in your primary email address.
  • Next, tab down to Repeat email address field and re-enter your email address exactly the same.
  • Under I AM, select the box Looking for work.
  • Under E-mail Format - select HTML unless your computer is unable to read this particular format.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and then select box below that reads I agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Next.
  • Log into your email account and type in your confirmation under the Enter code: box. If you prefer, you can just copy and paste confirmation code rather than typing. Click Next.
  • On the following page, you will see Account Details which you will need to be filled in. This is just your basic contact details.

Filling out Your GAF Profile

Your profile is very important to your ability to be awarded jobs. Take your time and fill out your profile completely in order to have the most success on GAF.

Under Notifications section, check appropriate boxes. Keep in mind you will want to be notified of jobs which you are qualified for on a daily basis; so be sure to fill this section out in its entirety.

Scroll down to Area of Expertise and read through list and select the job types which fit you best. You are allowed to pick up to 10 from list.

Under Skills you need to fill in 4 primary skills of your expertise. Read the list carefully.

When you are finished filling out your skills, you need to click your cursor into the box under Vision. Here you need to type in a short objection of your goals of using this site. Be sure to use correct spelling and punctuation. Your first impression will be a lasting impression.

Next to Vision is a box which is titled Keywords. In this box you will need to type in keywords for positions you are seeking employment. (These can be similar to your Skills but you do need to go into more detail).

Next is the tricky part of naming your average hourly rate. You want to stay in the median and may want to keep your salary lower until you have established clients. The first jobs may be the hardest to get so don't overbid.

Finally, you will need to type a profile description. This is a description of your skills, jobs you have completed, your strong points, etc. When you are finished filling in your profile, click Signup.

Bidding on Projects on GAF

Before bidding on a particular project, it is important that you read the requirements for the project carefully. Be sure to pick only projects that you are truly qualified for. You don?t want any projects you work on to be a burden - thus your work will be affected and so will your rating as a service provider. Pick projects in which you have interest in or have a desire to learn more about. Also, be prepared to work with all types of buyers. Just like in typical "on site" job situations, you will occasionally run across a "bad boss". You can always look at the Buyer feedback to get a feel for the particular Buyer you are planning to complete work for. To bid on GAF projects:

  • Click on Browse Projects on top of screen.
  • You will see a full list of all open projects separated into each category.
  • Click on category of interest (Example: Data Entry)
  • After clicking on category of interest, scroll down and you will see results for category chosen.
  • Several different jobs will be listed. By analyzing the screen of jobs, you will be able to see how many people have bid on the job, the project name, the average bid and job type. You can also see when the job was posted and exactly how many bids are on the particular job. Take your time and read through list thoroughly.
  • Once you have found a job of interest, you will need to click on that particular job listing.
  • On the screen that follows, you will see a BID ON THIS PROJECT NOW button in blue. Click this button to proceed.
  • Once you have clicked on this, you will be taken to a new screen which will be where you will enter in your bid. (Remember: Don't go out of budget range). Make sure you break down your bid in the description section.
  • Next, you need to enter in how many days you can deliver a completed project. Stay within the guidelines of project and if you are unable to do so, this particular project may not be for you.
  • Once completed, you can fill out any details of your bid in the box provided. Here is where you need to sell yourself. For example, suggest how your previous work or current projects are proof of experience for this job. Let the client know how you will work on the project. Tell the Buyer how you will keep an open line of communication. Give the client confidence in your skills.
  • When finished, click Place Bid. Your bid is now placed.

Viewing GAF Projects You Have Bid On

From time to time, you might want to check back on the GAF Projects that you have bid on. To do this:

  • From HOME page, click on Projects I've Bid On. Here you can view your bids and the status of each project.
  • If you wish to delete your bid, click Retract Bid next to project on list. Don't make a habit of retracting bids because it is a behavior that is unappealing to clients.

Understanding Payment Withdrawals

  • Your payment withdrawal method is set up once you have completed a job. The money goes into your payment account.
  • You will have four options for withdrawing your money: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Moneybookers or Money Card.
  • The quickest payment option on the site is the GetAFreelancer MasterCard. This MasterCard is accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.
  • GetAFreelancer will print and mail checks only if the member requests it. The account balance must be equal to or greater than $30.00. The same limit refers to PayPal account users.
  • If GetAFreelancer suspects any payment to be fraudulent, they have the right to suspend the withdrawal.
  • In case of receiving fraudulent funds, the account having received the fraudulent deposit will be expected to return the funds as soon as possible.

Important Guidelines for Working with GAF Buyers and Clients

  • Do not begin any project until you are clear on particular details of project.
  • Make sure you and the Buyer agree on timeline presented and ask Buyer for feedback as you meet milestones on the project's schedule.
  • Before you submit a project deliverable, double check that all guidelines have been met.
  • Test created applications and make sure your work is perfect and to the best of your ability. You don't want to send a flawed project in as final product.
  • Be sure to document your work after the Buyer has approved it.
  • If you click on View Details, you can view how many bids you have left (how many more projects you are allowed to bid on).

Should You Have a Dispute

While most projects on GAF go off without a "hitch", there is the occasional dispute that might arise between the buyer and the provider and vice versa. GetAFreelancer encourages users to resolve all disputes between themselves if possible. If not, completing a dispute resolution is an alternative and should be used as a last resort. (The dispute process is actually something that many competing sites do not have, which is a big plus for GAF). To file a dispute:

  • Click on Disputes in the right hand corner of the GAF Home page.
  • There are 3 stages to the dispute process:
    • Stage 1: The party reporting dispute may submit an offer or demand for payment. The other party will be notified and has 7 days to respond. If the other party does not respond within 7 days, the disputer wins dispute. Tree attempts are allowed for both parties with 7 days to accept or reject offer. Failure to accept or reject deems acceptance of offer. After this, the dispute begins in Stage 2.
    • Stage 2: Both parties have 7 days to submit background material related to dispute. GetAFreelancer charges a fee for arbitration services (2% or $10, the greater of the two). The parties now have to accept a previous offer or proceed with arbitration process within 3 days. If both parties want to continue arbitration, they both must submit 50% of arbitration fees. After the fee is received, Stage 3 begins.
    • Stage 3: A GetAFreelancer agent will decide the outcome.

Fees for Using GAF

Joining is free, and there is no fee for bidding on projects. The project fee, however, is $5.00 or 10% of the project budget.

Other Helpful GAF Hints

  • When submitting any sample work to prospective clients, never disclose any contact information.
  • Make sure each Buyer you deal with is aware that the only way to accept a project from you is through the GetAFreelancer marketplace. Accepting jobs from buyers on GAF outside the system can result in account suspension.

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