How to Get Freelance and Telecommuting Jobs Through

What is is an Internet website that is used by both employers and job seekers. is universal; people and companies from all around the globe use this unique site to connect with each other, helping individuals land the perfect job and helping employers fill their open positions.

What sets Apart from the Other Similar Sites?

You may be familiar with (a Yahoo affiliate),, or even that offer “middle-man” job searching techniques, but has become a popular site among job seekers for a number of reasons. What makes different?

  • While some sites out there ask for a fee, Monster has never asked for a fee since its inception.
  • Monster provides an article section and great resources for job seekers.
  • Resume writing services for those who need a professionally written resume.
  • A helpful advice section to assist with several aspects of the job hunt. Many of the advice columns include: Job-Hunt Strategy, Resumes and Letters, Interviewing, Salary and Benefits, In the Workplace (how to handle your first day), Career Development, and Advice Forums.

Creating your Profile

Title Section

The title section of your profile is important as it is your one chance to stand out from other job seekers in your niche.


The portrait section of your profile will permit you to upload of picture of yourself. Typically, a professional photograph will allow potential employers to put a face to the name and skills that you have to offer. Some users even use a graphic for their picture. Whichever you choose, you can also leave the photo area blank. If you do decide to at a photograph, make sure that it is in good taste.

Contact Info

This is the section where you can input basic contact information, so the potential employer can contact you about a possible interview. In this section, you may list your home address or PO Box, a telephone number, and even your own personal email.

Personal Email

This is the email that will keep on file to send you emails with potential matches of job searches that you perform while using You can even have send out daily, bi-weekly, or even weekly notices to your personal email. These emails will include potential jobs that best fit your search criteria, so you can view them at your leisure.

Work Experience

This section is where you can input all of your previous job experience, so potential employers can look to see what skills and experience you have even if you haven’t sent them a resume. It is best to be as specific as you can for your experience. Even if you had some experience while performing one of your jobs, it will always help you get that job you are searching for.

Education & Certification

This tab is where you can input your entire education experience as well as certifications you have received along the way. Be it an associate’s degree at your local community college, or a medical degree from a prestigious university, there is enough room here to really let the potential employers know more about your educational background.

Career Goals

This section is to inform the potential employers about your dream job or any career aspirations that you may have. will allow you to create up to five different career goals to help broaden your horizons.

Jobs Section

The next section one should fill out when they sign on to is the jobs section. Listed below are the sub-sections for this important tab:

  • Search Jobs - The search jobs section is where you will be doing the majority of the job searches in your area of expertise. It is very self-explanatory where you simply type in the “Job Title” and “Location”. will do the rest by providing you with a list of jobs that matches these two fields you entered.
  • Browse Jobs - The Browse Jobs section is more of an open field, where the job listings are broken down by State, Industry, Category, and Posting date.
  • Saved Search - This section will allow you to save your searches from the Search Jobs section. The Saved Search will update on a daily basis, and you can even request these to be emailed directly to your personal email.
  • Saved Jobs - While perusing the Search Jobs section and you come across a job or jobs that appeal to you, you may save the jobs to view later if you are currently pressed for time.
  • Application History - This section will let you keep track of all the jobs that you have applied for over the past 30 days. This will help you in case you have already submitted your resume to a job and forgot.

Career Tools

The Career Tools section covers the following areas for your navigation in

  • Career Snapshots - This is a quick go to section, where it highlights certain jobs that you might be interested in applying to.
  • Career Benchmarking - This section lists areas of what the salary ranges are for the types of jobs you are applying for at They list the high, median, and low end pay scales, so you can accurately give out your salary requirements.
  • Career Mapping - This ingenious section will help you map out your career path, by giving advice and information of where to look and how to sell yourself.
  • Career Services - This section is one of the more helpful sections for people looking for their next job or career. This area offers you the following sections:
    • Resume Writing Service - offers an expert resume writing service that will help you become more marketable during your career search.
    • Professional Development - This section allows you to take online career courses to give you that extra “boost”.
    • Resume Agent - This section will help you with your job search. This is one of the premiere distribution services of your resume to help you find a job quicker.
    • Interview Mastery - Learn tricks and tips to give you the edge during your actual “face to face” interview.
    • Career Education - Get additional education that you need to stay ahead of the competition. This section offers free information from hundreds of different educational institutions.
    • Personalized Salary Report - Receive a report that shows you your market value and discover what employers will pay people like you with your current salary.
    • Salary Wizard - This section gives free salary information based on location and job title.
    • Relocation Center - When you are relocating for your next job opportunity, this “one stop shop” will help you with all of your relocation needs.

Advice Section

The advice section offers you several different informational articles to help you along your career path to finding your next great job.

  • Job-Hunt Strategy - Articles that you can read to give you extra tips to find your next job.
  • Resumes & Letters - Tips on how to help you write a better resume.
  • Interviewing - Information helping you perform your very best during your job interview process.
  • Salary & Benefits - Various articles informing you about commissions, negotiations, and even telecommuting.
  • In the Workplace - Helpful tips to help you adjust to your new job, how to handle layoffs, how to balance work and life, and keeping up your professional image.
  • Career Development - Helpful articles to help you adjust to getting promoted, changing careers, additional education, and further training in your career path.
  • Advice Forums - A large community where you can interact with people just like you who can offer tips about finding your next job.

Finding a Job listings appear in the work at home job search at To apply for any position, use your saved profile details to quickly apply. Be sure to tailor your resume to each specific position.