How to Get Freelance and Telecommuting Jobs Through

What is is an excellent source for writer job seekers to find information about how to blog and make money through the blogging process. Written by bloggers, both experienced and totally new to the process, it is a website not only about blog writing, but about how to fully take advantage of a vast composite of people’s experiences while networking within this enormous community. Job seekers who are skilled writers, or who simply enjoy writing will find much that is attractive about the way that is designed. This is due to the straightforward design of the site itself. The wealth of information available on the site includes sources for creating income directly earned by blogging. It also includes ideas for creating income streams related to blogging.

ProBlogger Job Board

For an experienced writer seeking employment, this is the core of the website. Numerous blogging jobs are posted here beginning with the most recent dates, and the jobs do necessarily require that you already have your own blog. Some of the jobs will be suitable for beginners as well. Head directly to this section of the ProBlogger site if you want to get started applying for jobs of all sorts. Brief descriptions and links to job opportunities are listed. Be sure that you have your resume ready, and a sample of your writing, as these two items are often the basic things needed to apply for a job, regardless of the level of experience you have. As with other popular freelance job boards, jobs listed at Problogger are included in the work at home job search at

Network Your Way to a Job

Remember, in job seeking, communication is key. This is true not only for the buyer when communicating about job offers, but also job seekers finding ways to efficiently communicate about ideas, values, and abilities to fit a particular job or job. is really about multi-level communication among all those in the blogging community.

Finally, be certain to explore the wide variety of social media available for networking. There are so many wonderful blogs out there, that networking to find work is crucial. If you don’t network, someone else will. The creator of the site, Darren Rowse indicates that much of the success has generated has resulted from consistently networking not only to create new and stronger business relationships, but also to generate new blog ideas and to learn what is on the minds of other bloggers. Although a job is not guaranteed at the site, job seekers can find a lot of what is needed to land a job by using tools and ideas.